Lisses Lef has 3 categories of websites available to make websites affordable for every type of business.


set up costs $ 50.00
installation Joomla $30.00
domain registration $35.00
monthly $15.00
tutorial working with Joomla $50  per session. Recommended are 2 sessions.


Standards websites*

set up costs $50.00
installation of Joomla $30.00*
installation and set up of Virtuemart $800.00*
installation and set up  SimpleCaddy $100.00*
optional: design template and implementation (per template) $300.00
optional: advise on buying template $50.00
optional: implementation template from $50.00


Designer website

contract only


Important note: the installation will be the at that time latest version of the chosen program. On request we will install example content, however we will not fill out the content for you. The installed version of the program is at time of installing the latest available version. Lisses Lef will not accept any liability for loss of data, disruptions of service, infected programs and other problems caused by installing requested programs. The price is based on a one time installation. Updates will be installed on request.

* all prices are ex 15% GST