Site definition and planning

This initial stage is where the goals and objectives for the web site are set.
We will assist you in defining the scope of the site content.

In most cases we will do this by an interview. Talking about you, about your customer, about your expectations of the website and of course your budget. At this time we will also need a dedicated person from your firm whom we can talk to, has the time and the resources for the development of the website and also the mandate to make decisions.

Every successful new web site makes a transition from a development project to an ongoing editorial process that keeps the site alive and fresh over time. For this we will need a coordinator, webmaster or content manager for the website after the site is launched. A site that is “everyone’s responsibility” can quickly become an orphan. For current content and consistent editorial, graphic design, and management policies you’ll need one person to act as the editor of the overall web site. The site editor’s duties will vary according to how you choose to maintain your site: coordination or do all the work of maintaining site content.