The websites we offer basically fit into three categories:

DIY websites
STANDARD websites
DESIGNER websites

For all the websites we offer, we insist of organizing the website hosting. The hosting is the physical place where the code of the website is placed. We do this not only from a security perspective but also from a practical perspective (no conflicting code).

For all our website categories, we will provide you with the latest version of the content management program Joomla.

For the DIY websites, we will organize the domain name, hosting and an installation of Joomla. You can than upload your logo and enter your content. This option is for either marketing experts who have enough handling the marketing site and don't want to bother with the technical site of a website. This is also an option for businesses who want to spend as little as possible on their web presence.

STANDARD website
The standard website gives you some more options. We can provide you with an "off the shelf" design or you can opt for a more customized design. During an interview you will decide on the sitemap and we will make sure everything is working.
We can add webshops, galleries, forums or other functionality for additional costs. The time frame of the development of such a website is considerable smaller than a designer website.

Designer website
The designer website gives you even more freedom in design and options. It is the result of a intensive cooperation, where every step of the process is thoroughly analyzed. These websites are more costly but probably more effective. Customers who choose a designer website have enough resources to accommodate the process of getting a custom build website tailored to their needs.