The standard website is probably the website which is relevant for most small to medium size businesses.
It is a short cut to an acceptable, good quality, but more or less "out of the box" website.
You can opt for a wide range of options for the design and or additions.

Basically there are 3 options in this one: use one of the build-in templates of Joomla, buy a template from a designer company or we can build a template for you.
So how does it work?

For the build-in template of Joomla, you just inform us which one you want to use and we will assign this template as default.
If you want to buy a template, we can give you some advice on this. From companies who provide good quality templates to which template would be appropriate for your company. If you buy a template, make sure it is suitable for the latest Joomla version. When we have received this template, we can install it for you. The cost of implementing will depend on the complexity of the chosen template. A standard template will cost around $50.- ex GST.
A custom build design will take a little bit more time. In the first session of one hour,  we will talk about the audience of your website, the purpose of your website (business card, shop, community etcetera) your current company colors and logo and about the sitemap. You will have a snoop on the internet and inform us about certain aspects of websites you like and dislike. In the second session we will discuss this and make the wireframes, to identify what content and images will fill each page.
After that, we will make one (of more) design(s) in detail. This design will be implemented in the website. We will also install the chosen additional programs. 
All the programs will have dummy content. For additional costs we can assist you with filling out the website.